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Wow, is this friendship? I think so.

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Saw this somewhere else and felt the need to post it cause no one else ever really tells you this stuff

My mom never really noticed. She noticed when she was breast feeding my little brother and blood started coming out instead of milk. 

My mom said she felt and saw a little lump in the shower. She was lucky enough she found it at stage 2

My mom had a mammogram. The radiologist thought the spots were just regular calcium deposits. 

Turns out it was triple negative breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nods. Mastectomy, radiation and chemo saved her life.

This could SAVE a life.

Signal BOOST and pass it on. I had a breast cancer scare before (luckily it was just scar tissue…) and information like this kept me calm and collected at the doc’s.

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Now I see fire, inside the mountain, burning the trees, hollowing souls, blood in the breeze. I saw a city burning, I see fire, feel the heat upon my skin. And I see fire burn auburn on the mountain side.

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5x07 || 5x10 Parallel

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